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About us

Taxi Östersund is by far the largest taxi company in Jämtland (one of the largest counties in Sweden). We offer an unrivalled taxi service that covers transfers to and from Östersund / Åre airport, private and business customers and services for the local health authority. We have a reputation of unrivalled professionalism which is backed up by the fact that 33% of our fleet is classified as environmentally-friendly transport, our drivers undergo both “green driving” and first aid training and that since 1920 we have had countless satisfied customers.

How to book

We have a team of dedicated English speaking personnel at our call centre, who will be happy to help – just call us on +46 (0) 63 199 000 or send an email to If you want to book a transfer from our airport to either Östersund or any of our ski resorts, please use “ Flygtaxi ” which is a dedicated transfer service to and from the airport.
We also have a
transfer service during the ski season from Östersund to Åre. This is the best value for money option from the airport, if you don’t want to use the Flygtaxi option.
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Telephone number: +46 (0)63-199 000
Please note that we can't accept bookings via email.

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Telephone number : +46 (0)63-199 010
Address: Hagvägen 18 F, 831 48 Östersund, Sweden Corporate identity number: 556363-4756


Since we are constantly working to provide the best possible service, we gratefully received both praise and criticism. Send us an email with any point you wish to make about your journey to
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